Monday, 25 November 2013

Cycling... on the road !!

The weekend was great but far to short.

Saturday I ran in the heat eeekk yuck, and then I tidied and sorted some things. One wants to pack but well there isn't really anything to pack as yet. I am going to try and get the other half to sort his clothes out and de-clutter a bit. Then we can start to pack, I think. 8 - 10 weeks and the house should be finished.

Saturday night was the work do, man it was fabulous, I drank far to much and danced for hours, my leg seemed to cope with that. I also then ate mcdonalds on the way home as I didn't eat enough dinner, no where near enough for the amount I drunk. Think that is possibly the most I have drunk in about 2 years. I had a blast really was fabulous.

Sunday saw a visit to the house to check out the wiring and some of the other bits and bobs, we are getting there slowly, the electricians really like our house and the fact people have written comments and things all over the framing, kind of makes it ours and well is a bit of fun.
The the other half and I went for a bike ride, first ride on the road in cleats for us and well it was fabulous, my friend is teaching us to ride safely and how to make the most of our bikes etc. She is amazing and we are lucky she is willing to give up her time to teach us. We cycled 10kms in 40 mins ( for her thats like a nice we jaunt) for us, it hurt haha.

I am wanting to increase my road cycling to 3 times a week and 4 runs. Which I know seems like a lot but I need to get fit and I enjoy both running and cycling.

I am also contemplating doing lake Taupo challenge next year. Its a HUGE thing 160 kms in one day. But I am a true believer you can do what you put your mind to.

My food yesterday was a bit well crap too.

Start fresh today and work hard this week and I am hoping to be in the 98's by next monday.

I was 101.. today but that is because I am retaining fluid from the booze!

Have a good day all.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Over eating

Still battling with eating to much, and its always the wrong kind of thing. I really need to focus on this in the coming week and make sure I stop eating and especially stop munching junk after dinner. Need to get some fruit and things so I have a nice wee strawberry or two or something like that. 

My running is going ok. I really want to just run, but that is not going to help my leg get better. But today I can run 2 mins and walk 1 min intervals for 20 mins. So I will after work go for a run around the league field ( BORING AS HELL BTW)

I brought new jeans last night, size 14 and 2 new tops from glassons size 16. I know some people wouldnt mind being this is, but to me, its to big, the tummy has to go. 

OHH the physio's wee prone hold thing I do is a killer everytime but I do it, as the idea of toning up my tummy and side under neath appeals for when we can see the underneath. I dont want to be super skinny, but I do want my roles gone from me tummy. 

Work do this weekend and I will enjoy myself. I am going to allow myself not to feel restricted and just enjoy myself, I find I don't binge eat then. I then have work break up last day of term and then xmas and new year to get through. So if I can be healthy and good with my eating, run and bike it should all balance out and the scale should keep dropping. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


I went and saw him he stabbed me with needles, yup needles, wasn't to bad but today its a bit achy.
He is happy with my progress with the prone holds now I have to do 1 min front and 1 min on each side.  YUP 3 mins of prone holds. I need to get the middle of me strong to keep myself well and organised.

I have also started to fund raise for the ride to conquer cancer, if you would like to help me fundraise follow the link below.

That is my personal page, I am riding as part of a team so can not wait. Need to get myself on my bike. But that decemebers goal as I am currently working on re-hab my leg. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New Shoes

I ran last night in my new shoes on grass ( yes bloody grass) no I am not impressed and I do not like it I am a street/road girl I like the hard footpath under my feet not wobbly spongy ick grass. But its to rehab my leg and get it better and stronger so I can run pain free.

I am still unsure about my shoes I have 60 days to decided if I like them or not so time will tell. My Physio is a hard case he txt me last night and was like, so how are the shoes and how was the run. I was like who is a nutter who thinks running on grass is pleasant. His response "Running is not easy, that is why I do not do it :P"
He really is lovely. he challenged me to do a prone hold for a minute a day to strengthen my core ( well what is ment to be my core as I dont have any ab muscles haha) and I managed a full minute on my toes last night, rather stoked as that means I am getting stronger. I will keep it up and possibly ( once we are in the house and I have some room to move, look at doing a bit more strength training with my swiss ball and press up etc etc to get the rest of me toned as well.

I did not say about my weigh in but I can confirm I STS, from last week bloody surprised I did not gain actually.

This week I have my work do, so there will be still booze water retention on monday so not too worried what the scales say so 2 Decemeber I want a decent loss, 1-2 kg would make me a happy camper. So I will aim for that and getting my leg better so I can clock up some more miles under my feet..

I also need to get on my bike and get some km's under my bum as well.

On house front still awaiting to know if and when the dam thing will be finished.

Monday, 18 November 2013

being honest

Something is effecting me mentally and I am unsure exactly what it is. I have been over eating for the past two weeks with drastic side effects. I am just getting heavier.

I think possibly is a combination of self sabotage and nasty talk and everything falling into place with my life. I wonder if its a settling thing. There really isn't anything for me to worry about. Apart from the house. I really do need to let the house stuff go and just move forward from there.

I have decided to participate in the ride to conquer cancer ride in 2014, signed up and everything. Its a 200km bike ride over two days. I am not bike fit and this may kill me. BUT it gives em something to work towards and it gives me another reason to lose this weight and focus on something else, along with the half marathon I will be doing in April.

I brought new shoes yesterday and I am looking forward to giving them a wee trial tonight, physio instructed running, 1 min walk, 1 min run on grass for only 20 mins. My exercise is being reduced I am allowed to bike though so I am thinking I may just get on my bike.

This weekend is my work do, on Saturday that is the last thing before xmas, so after saturday is clean eating and exercising. I need to get fit. I am thinking I might starting riding 3 times a week in the holidays as well as running 3-4 times a week, get my kms up in both areas and then hopefully that will help with the weight and filling in my days in the holidays. I also have a hole lot of things to get my head around in regard to my new year level for next year and what the outcomes are for the children, I am excited and can not wait to get there.

I think possibly I am eating as a cycle of eat crap beat myself up and then eat more crap and make myself feel even worse.
TODAY it stops. I need to track everything and focus on sticking to my calories and not over eating.
I will run today aswell.


Saturday, 16 November 2013

My leg

Went to a physio last night. My leg has issues its full of fibre lumps and my new shoes are not good for my feet. So I will be buying new shoes tomorrow properly fit ones and taking the time to get my leg sorted.  It's ok these things happen. 
My nutrition / eating are awful. Need to spend some time working out why .. what's triggering it all etc and planning how to sort it out. 
I am funny how I can start a day well the collapse in a heap by dinner time. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

My knee

HURTS !!!!! 

It felt heaps better yesterday so I went for a run.... run a bit ouch tight, very tight thighs and calf on my right leg, stop running walk a bit. Start running again, the process repeated itself quiet a bit as I ran through my 6km run. Get home feel fine, legs a bit tight. The fiance rubbed my right leg down with anti flame and things are ok, tight but ok. Get up today and get to work walk about a bit and BOOM OUCH! My knee is hurting ... txt a friend at works hubby he is a physio, but can't get an appointment until tomorrow.. how annoying ! So no running for me until this is sorted as it hurts BADLY and I am limping as I don't want to put my body weight on it. 

I think finally my protein bars have arrived and hopefully my powder will by tomorrow aswell or I am going to run out. 

Dinner I think I may have Ptita pit, rather liking that at the moment for a quick easy meal. 
I have xmas presents to finish buying and wrapping to start tonight as well. I will be home alone for the first time in a very long time. ( I live with my in laws and sister in law as well!) 

3 months today until the house "should" be done !!! roll on that time going buy I miss my stuff and space and being able to do whatever etc as well. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sorry been MIA

The weekend was a disaster food wise as well as I became unwell and things just well BOOM... ok so back to it on monday, even went for the worst run of my life, yes you read the correctly it was just not ok, sore knee and all. The yesterday I had a little bit more food than I should have. Today so far so good. I have a run planned just about to map it out. 6 kms I will try and run tonight, I managed 5 kms on monday and stopped as my knee was hurting.

I GOT THE PERMANENT JOB !!! Stoked relieved and happy I can finally settle into my life here and get on with being the best teacher I can be ( and possibly plan a baby in there now too.)

I need to get my head back in the game and get my eating awesome like it was.
I have ordered protein bars and some more protein powder and I am thinking of cutting all carbs and sugar out apart from natural stuff. Will see how I go.

Weigh in from monday

CW 100.9 kgs
GAIN of 2.2 kgs

A lot of that was fluid I think.. but we will see on monday!!!!!

Friday, 8 November 2013

the week....

This week has been a disaster on so many fronts, I can honestly say I have eaten the worst I have eaten in a long time and I haven't exercised except for monday. 
I am going away for the weekend, so I will resort my shit on Monday. 

Monday will be a success because I will sort and plan my food once back from christchurch on Sunday night. I will run 6 kms on monday and then 5.5km on wednesday and then 5km friday and 6kms on Saturday. 

I am an emotional eater and all the stress from the job situation and the fire works, I am hellishly scared of them has sent me into a not sleeping, eating junk cycle because I am so tired and I just can not say no to myself. I have decided its ok, its been a week of crap but thats ok, it didn't take me a week to improve my fitness and sort my healthy eating it wont take a week to ruin it either. 

The scales will not be nice on monday ohh well they are scales. I can run 6 kms again that in itself is pretty bloody amazing. 

I got A job at school I am not sure if its permanent yet or not !! 

OHH next saturday is my Zoo experience with the red panada can not wait !!!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Really sore legs

My legs and hips were so sore last night I had trouble sleeping and couple that with the "worrying about sh*t" factor means I feel like I am in a fog today. Might be an interesting adventure this morning. 

We went to the house last night to mark in where we wanted extra nogs for the tv's to be put on and where we wanted the man hole ( Fiance is 6 foot 6) the gap needs to be big enough for him to get through. ( Not me him !) 

I am stoked that the weight is moving and it is slowly going down.. it makes me feel happy but I am also aware that the muscles etc are doing things to. happy chappy 

Today, some more waiting about job and report writing !!

Rest day which I am rather very much looking forward to!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Weigh in day

Last week 99.7 kg
Today 98.7 kg
Loss 1 kg
Total loss 1.7 kg  

Yay finally we are moving in the right direction :)

WOhooo right down-ward!!!! 

Today I should find out weather I have a job etc, I am a bit edgy about it all and my tummy is playing up I honestly can say I am a person who needs to keep my stress levels down and try not to over think and over stress about things. I love my job and I really enjoy working in my current school very much. 

I am planning a longer run tonight so I need to geo-map that and see how far it is etc. 

I did it I ran 6 km... it wasn't the nicest of runs and I had to keep pushing myself. BUT that for me is the normal at the moment, you want the results you have to push. 

No news on the job front, still waiting, maybe today ? Keep waiting .... 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Two good runs

Today I ran again, same with yesterday as I missed Friday., due to a few reasons. 
I had a job interview at school on Friday and I am waiting the outcome if it and I had a dinner for my sister in laws birthday. So I decided to run both days of the weekend instead so I did. 

On Friday I had three glasses of wine and a funny folded pizza thing, which I ate 3/4's of and a pudding I ate 2/3's of the gelato I order. I felt I control and happy with my choices. I am really proud of my dinner out and how I managed to rein it all back in again and the last two days have been fabulous again. 

I am looking forward to weigh in tomorrow, even though it's ttom. 

I honestly feel like I am a lot better and I am starting to be nicer to myself and I can see results in my body and my clothes, my jeans are loser in funny places and I can see the muscles in my legs. I also have noticed my boobs have shrunk hahah woohoo everything like is shows me I am getting fitter and healthier and I am on the right track and no matter what I can not give up. 

I love the freedom running, even though I am slow, gives me. 
Saturday 5.51 Km's 38.38 mins.   Split 7 min Km's 
Sunday 5 Km's 5kms 37mins 7.20 min splits this was rather a hilly run

So tomorrow I run the "hill" I haven't managed to get up it yet, so tomorrow I will try. 

I foam rolled my legs today to hopefully take the edge off my run tomorrow. 
Hopefully I can celebrate obtaining a permanent job tomorrow :) 

Ohh I also have a whopping great big blister on my heel :( ouch use 

Friday, 1 November 2013

The pills

I stopped taking the fat burners I was on, on Wednesday, and the scales have dropped 1.6 kg in two days. Honestly I am wrapped, I am hoping to drop to where I was hoping to be and make my November the 14th goal of 95 or under. I know that I was doing the right thing but I think these pills played havoc with my system. 

I am soo happy, I will keep at it. I think I can actually see it going its odd I feel slimmer and so much happier in myself. I really can not wait to get back to 88 kgs  and then work on getting down a bit further. 

I am going to up my long run tomorrow to 5.5 Km's looking forward to that, I feel so much fitter and do not get so sore I can hardly move the next day, so hopefully in the coming weeks I am running 5 Km's three times a week and then a long run on a Saturday morning. Just to up that fitness  and keep my body guessing. By December I want to be heading towards making my long run a 10k. 

Hope you are all well. I look forward to bringing you weigh in on Monday :)