Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Gastroscopy !!

Today saw my visit to the specialist to have the gastroscopy done and finally they have actually diagnosed my issues instead of guessing. I have severe bile reflux and it has caused my stomach etc to become inflamed and sore etc too.

YAY finally I know what is wrong with me and can be medicated appropriately, well once the medication makes its way to Auckland, but hey a few more days I can manage I am sure.

I feel relief that this was not just all in my head and it is actually as bad as I have been feeling. I am the second worst case the Dr has ever seen. I am appreciative that this has finally been come to an end and hopefully by the time I go back to the hospital they can be like awesome you are sorted see you later.

In other news I have been following eating guidelines given to me from a nutritionist I contacted. I am feeling better in myself and have cut out coke zero and sugar free v from my diet and cut coffee down as we thought I have acid reflux, but this is not the case. I will continue to leave the coke zero and v out of my diet but I may have 2 coffees a day. I am actually kind of proud of myself for stopping drinking so much fizzy stuff. But I look forward to being able to drink soda and lime again and things like that. As well water and herbal tea... are boring at times.

Todays eating has been a bit odd.. I wasn't allowed to eat until after the tests etc and they sedated me etc as well so I have felt all outta wack all day and funny. I had a ha and egg sandwhich for breakfast and a smoothie for lunch and some fruit and dried fruit.. having pumpkin and kumera home-made soup for dinner and 2 peices of burgeon bread with marmite! YUM I love marmite!

I also took photos on moday of me in am PJ's and just a bra... yup not pretty and pretty in my face evidence but I need it to compare with as the months roll past..

Wedding is in less than a year.... time to get healthy so I can start married life in a good mental state about myself and about how I feel.

I was a 105.5 kgs on Monday... thats a huge number to me.. and it can only go down.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I am struggling but have made the decision to see a nutrionist to see if they can help me .. I am also having my jadelle implant removed this week. I believe it's causing me a few issues as well. I'll go back on the pill I lost weight on the pill so hoping it's still all going to work for me.

I have tracked for three days and finally we are finding a routine in our home.

Now to wait for my hospital appointment for my reflux issues and hoping that its soon as its been effecting me worse than it ever has been.