Friday, 13 March 2015

The first 5 kg

WOHOOO finally I have lost 5 kg. !!!

I am also wearing a size 14 top today. I feel really good and its given me motivation to move forward again..

My wedding dress should arrive at my house today.. yes I am about to pop..
SOO excited !

I need to run 3 more times by Tuesday and I need to do a walk and weights session. I know this is good for me.. #getfit is what this is about not lose weight.. I need to keep reminding myself weight loss is a side effect from getting fit !!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The mental head f*ck

Grr I hate love the scales in my bathroom. I really do.. sometimes they make me so happy other times.. so pissed off I want to throw them...

Today is a throw them out the window day.
I have run 4 times this week and completed 1 x walk weight session, so far hoping to squeeze in another tonight but I have a late meeting that goes till 7, the gotta get home etc before its dark but I am sure I can do it. So you would think will all that exercise I would be up for an awesome loss.. NOT I have gained 400 grams.. pretty not happy over here.. pretty annoyed. With the extra weight I am carrying you would think burning an average of 600 cals plus per run I would be seeing a great loss. NOPE not anything nada nothing !

I am going to take my measurements tonight as I think they will help on days like today.

Positives: I feel a hell of a lot better most of the time within myself. I am shrinking the doosh pants prove that. I am getting fit and healthy. 

I need to focus on the getting fit and back to running 5 kms three - four times a week instead of the losing weight side if this. Just it's sooo hard when all I want is those scales to move and give me some gratification especially with the wedding only 2 months away and all the hard work I am doing..

Just and FYI my food has been great I stick to my points and have eaten 5 of my exercise points back. So far I have earned 34 exercise points with the intention of earning more today. My week is Wed - Tues for food and exercise and weight watchers weigh in, but I weigh in for this blog on a friday.

I am wondering if I need to up my protien intake a wee bit.. might look at that for next week.

Tonight though I will measure myself.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Doosh pants

A while ago I brought a pair of doosh pants size 16 .. I love these pants and have wanted them for years.. Weather they suit me will be another thing to look into. 

 When I got them I couldn't get them over my knees... Tonight I tried them on and I got them nearly all the way up.. I jumped and down with excitement and yelled at Wayne to come look. He was like yeah you are shrinking... I just can't see it.... 

I know I am enjoying running and challenging myself more... 
I am not enjoying the scales.. These pants tell me the running and enjoying it is way better pay off then the scales will ever be.. 

My father I'm law to be also comments I had lost weight today, he is one to comment if he notices soo. A good day. 

I ran for a total of 18 mins today pleased with that too! 

This is for me... No one else.. #getfit 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I am now quiet focused on me.. my exercise is defiantly not where I want it.. but my eating is. If I can manage a week like I have just had and still lose weight I m a happy camper.

I will weigh in tomorrow morning. I had a good loss at ww.. but my blog weight is my thursday morning weigh in at home.

My run today was CRAP!! Really crap.. it hurt I had to push but I got it done. I even ran up some of the nasty bloody hill!!

10 weeks 3 days till the wedding.. to me thats 10 kgs if I can make it.. I can not wait to crack 105, and then out of the 100's for good..

Someone asked me how I will handle that being / getting pregnant and my weight. My answer is I will do my best. As I am aware I gain weight really quickly I know I will need to exercise and watch what I eat during this time. I also know.. right now.. no point even thinking about it.

I am in love with COLD water atm.. it has to be cold cold.. not freezing but that really nice fridge cold.

Tomorrow is walk and weight day and then weights. This is about me.. going to try on some of my clothes this weekend.. I have a pair of size 16 Doosh pants that I couldn't get over my fat thighs.. heres hoping..!!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Trying to keep it balanced

Yesterday was my "hens" do. we had a high tea at the Stamford Plaza and it was lovely, but I ate to much and then we went to Wendy's for dinner, I had a taco salad but its still not to best thing to be eating. We have eaten our 2 nights this week as well due to having friends here from Dunedin as well. Again I managed that well, had salad and a dessert of sorbet the first night and just a salad the next, no booze either nights. I am proud of this and normally I would have just gone over board and just pigged out.

This weeks exercise has been a little lack laster, but I am back on track over the past two days, and I am starting to love it again. I love the fact I can push myself both with the running and the weight/resistance side of things. I am enjoying it so much, and yesterday I just felt soo much better when out running, and again today I was like this isnt bad how long can I go for and then pushed for the 10 mins.. I know some people will be like yeah yeah you have been here before and fallen flat on your face how many times.. well guess what, I am trying thats all I can do and I am trying my best. Its better than eating a chocolate bar to deal with it.

The wedding is now 10 weeks 6 days away I am aiming to lose about 10 kgs by then.. or as much as I can. I do know that doing the weights etc will help with toning. But for now my face has shrunk and that makes me happy and my tummy has as well.. My arms well.. spray tan will help with that and guess what.. I am doing my best..

When you think what has happened to me in the last 12 - 18 months I am doing ok.
I changed year levels, was horrendously sick with my stomach issues and because of them ended up pilling on weight, I have lost 2 grandparents, moved into my house and changed year levels at work.. I think I am doing ok, actually I know I am. Yes I am not where I would love to be, 80 kgs and I wont make that by the wedding but that is ok. My dress made me feel like a princess when I had it one at the dress fitting and that is all I can ask for. Honestly.. weight and size does not define me and I am sick of putting myself worth in it.. Instead I will do my best.. and try my hardest and some days it will be harder than others and some days my hardest wont be enough.. but that's all I can do.

We are going to Rarotonga in late September.. I want to wear togs on public.. thats huge for me.. so even once  we are married this journey to be healthy will continue.. we are also wanting to start a family in the next 12-ish months soo I need to be healthy for that too and well, if I can get myself healthier now I can stay that way while pregnant etc too.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Two weeks two losses

Really happy. I managed two weeks og losses at weigh in. Now this may sound like a normal thing but for me right now my weight is stubborn and I am trying hard as I can to be positive.

I set a goal this week (thursday to wednesday) 3 x c25km session 2 x walk and weights

Why, because exercise is good for my mind and stress levels and it helps with weight loss.

I am very snowed under at work and the wedding and I have my hens do this Saturday and people here for the weekend. So right now.. I come first, what I want comes first!

So a dinner out and a high tea to negotiate this week. I can do it.. just need to look at my choices and drink lots of water.

I will post some photos on Saturday too. On my jeans and singlet