Friday, 13 March 2015

The first 5 kg

WOHOOO finally I have lost 5 kg. !!!

I am also wearing a size 14 top today. I feel really good and its given me motivation to move forward again..

My wedding dress should arrive at my house today.. yes I am about to pop..
SOO excited !

I need to run 3 more times by Tuesday and I need to do a walk and weights session. I know this is good for me.. #getfit is what this is about not lose weight.. I need to keep reminding myself weight loss is a side effect from getting fit !!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The mental head f*ck

Grr I hate love the scales in my bathroom. I really do.. sometimes they make me so happy other times.. so pissed off I want to throw them...

Today is a throw them out the window day.
I have run 4 times this week and completed 1 x walk weight session, so far hoping to squeeze in another tonight but I have a late meeting that goes till 7, the gotta get home etc before its dark but I am sure I can do it. So you would think will all that exercise I would be up for an awesome loss.. NOT I have gained 400 grams.. pretty not happy over here.. pretty annoyed. With the extra weight I am carrying you would think burning an average of 600 cals plus per run I would be seeing a great loss. NOPE not anything nada nothing !

I am going to take my measurements tonight as I think they will help on days like today.

Positives: I feel a hell of a lot better most of the time within myself. I am shrinking the doosh pants prove that. I am getting fit and healthy. 

I need to focus on the getting fit and back to running 5 kms three - four times a week instead of the losing weight side if this. Just it's sooo hard when all I want is those scales to move and give me some gratification especially with the wedding only 2 months away and all the hard work I am doing..

Just and FYI my food has been great I stick to my points and have eaten 5 of my exercise points back. So far I have earned 34 exercise points with the intention of earning more today. My week is Wed - Tues for food and exercise and weight watchers weigh in, but I weigh in for this blog on a friday.

I am wondering if I need to up my protien intake a wee bit.. might look at that for next week.

Tonight though I will measure myself.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Doosh pants

A while ago I brought a pair of doosh pants size 16 .. I love these pants and have wanted them for years.. Weather they suit me will be another thing to look into. 

 When I got them I couldn't get them over my knees... Tonight I tried them on and I got them nearly all the way up.. I jumped and down with excitement and yelled at Wayne to come look. He was like yeah you are shrinking... I just can't see it.... 

I know I am enjoying running and challenging myself more... 
I am not enjoying the scales.. These pants tell me the running and enjoying it is way better pay off then the scales will ever be.. 

My father I'm law to be also comments I had lost weight today, he is one to comment if he notices soo. A good day. 

I ran for a total of 18 mins today pleased with that too! 

This is for me... No one else.. #getfit