Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Fat Chance

I have signed up for the above "workbook"/ system to see if it can help with a lot of my head related issues to do with my eating as I think its time I sorted my head and my relationship with food out. 
fatchance.co.nz is the link if you would like to have a week peek, $40 bucks was worth  a shot to me and its online so I can do it whenever and where-ever. Its a different approach than I am used to but still calorie counting. I am going to eat 1660 though as that is what I am used to and what I have decided to stick with for now but I will definitely work through the head stuff. I need this weight off a bit faster than this program allows for I'll get it off then go to the 2100 ish they recommend and see if I can maintain nicely there ... we will see I am sure. 

Today it is new years eve.... we are having a few friends around and we will have a few nibbles. they are all having "Wendys"for dinner and I may indulge I may not. I am not a huge burger fan so it doesn't bother me to much. I will however have cider or three or a wine and some chips and dip to ring in the new year. 

This year has seen us sign up to build our home exactly a year ago today. Take out a mortgage, spend months waiting for the title to our land, spend months waiting to the building company to get started. I turned 30, the boy asked me to marry him. I had my first stay in hospital since I was born and an operation to remove my gall bladder. I then had a fair few complications from that to deal with as well. I secured a permanent job at school. I made choices and decisions to run a half marathon and ride 200 kms over 2 days in 2014. I have made some amazing friends, been inspired but some even more amazing people who are now my friends. There has been HUGE ups and downs in the process. But in the end we have come out on top and life is actually really wonderful. I may not be at my goal weight, I may not be as fit as I want to be. BUT I am happy and healthy and have a loving, caring partner who I adore and have no idea what life would be like without him. Even though this year has had its very hard and rough patches, and i may have a few scares ( hidden but still there) I have stuck at thing and worked bloody hard. 

I love my life and the people in it and I am looking forward to smashing 2014 out of the park. AND .... there is about 50 odd days till my house is finished ( maybe possibly even less.... then I can MOVE IN!!)

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas and the junk

I am clearly one of those people who has to rid their environment of junk food and unhealthy choices, as honestly I can not seem to get it sorted and I really believe a lot of that is to do with the temptations I face everytime I walk into the kitchen in our house, I live with my in-laws, have done for two years counting down till our house is finished hopefully in about 8 weeks time.
I honestly can not wait until I can rid my environment of temptation and be able to avoid shit food etc, as at the moment with all the christmas extra crap on top of all the normal junk I am really not doing to well. I just find it to hard and cave in, part of that is self control I am fully aware but it is so much easier to have self control when its not their to tempt you etc.

I have been consistent with my runs this and I am loving that 5 kms is still hard but I can mentally push to get myself to the end of that. I am going to add 1 min to my runs each time and slowly increase the distance/time as this half marathon is about time on my feet.

I still worry about how the hell I am going to complete it, but thats what the training is for. I can train I have done it all before. I just want to do it lighter.

I need to be more consistent with my strength training as this week it has been a no go, haven't even don't it once. SO tomorrow I will do it and wednesday and friday. I have changed my runs to match the 12 week program and so I can get used to it etc and used to running 2 days back to back, which I had been doing anyway.

need to be more consistent with my food and I am hoping to verge back under the 100 kg mark by new years eve. I need to be a bit lighter as I think being this heavy has a large impact on my running etc, I am pretty sure lugging 85-90 kgs would be a shite load easier than lugging a 100 kgs.

On the plus side my reflux has gone again, so I must be sorting my eating out to some degree, I need to eat veges and fruits and cut the high sugar out, I really struggle with sugar, I LOVE lollies I honestly do.

In other news, might go look at a dining room table today and see if the one I like at early settler has matching coffee tables and we need to find the "red" colour we want for our splash back as I need to get some quotes for that and get it sorted to go in as soon as the kitchen is in the house.
We are currently awaiting the house to be gibbed stopped and then once that is done the kitchen can go in and they can pain the inside. But as everyone stops for close to three weeks the kitchen install is not booked until the 20th of January. Hopefully my front door arrives soon as well as the temp on is GROSE !

Onwards. Have a nice day all.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Setting goals for 2014

The last week has been a little rough food wise, I have managed to eat far far to much in a global sense, drinking not so bad but thats normal for me I don't normally drink too excessively. 

So my weight is up over the 100 kg mark, which makes running a little hard at times BUT I am now able to run just under 5 kms solid and I am loving it. So I will work on getting to the 5 km mark and then will keep the intensity until my 12 week half marathon training kicks in. I DO need to become more regular with my strength stuff as I have been a little lazy about it so it needs to become a priority and I need to get strong. I am hoping with the exercise and healthy balance eating I will lose some weight as a side product of everything as I need to get the kgs off I am uncomfortable and I hate being this big. ( living arrangements will change in the next 10 weeks so YAY for being able to "de-junk" my environment.) 

I am looking forward to getting into 4 runs a week that increase in time. I know I need to be consistent every single time!! No letting a run go and no just not doing things, its got to be done to make me the best me I can be to complete this event. 

# consistent 4 runs a week 
# 3 strength sessions a week 
# 3x1 min prone every day ! 
# stretch my legs and back ( increase the length in my hip flexers) 

# track 
# reduce sugar and fat content of foods 
# eat well balanced meals 
# no binging 
# 2 -3 litres a day 

# work on positive self talk
# increase mental strength to not give up when running 
# work through things and not eat my emotions ( HUGE task) 

I can do this.. this week until new years is about re-setting the healthy balanced approach to food and continuing to get my routine stabilised and in place. I have just over 3 weeks until its only 12 weeks until this event ( guess I had better enter it as well). 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Plodding along

On Sunday I had a melt down, emotionally I just completley hit rock bottom. I was tired, sad and over it. I miss my Dad and I just need and want my own space. The house end dates keeps getting pushed out further and further and I just feel so stuck and crammed in where we are living. I find it so hard to to not feel useless due to the fact I don't have my own space etc. I also just miss being able to go home and blob on the sofa and relax. If I want to do this I have to go to my room and well its just not the same. I also feel like everything about our lives is discussed with everyone and well.. THERE is NOOO need for everyone to have input into us buying things. I have got to the point where I just go and buy things for the house and don't say a word.

SOO I cried and cried and cried. The Fiance just cuddled me and made me feel better. He is a sweetie as he gets that things are bloody hard for me at times and I just can't do it anymore. The house has been pushed back to the 19th of February, thats completion then we need to obtain code of compliance. So that means there is a chance it maybe March... yes I just write March, before we move into the house. That is is if they don't make up the time and things in the new year.

Food was dreadful on Sunday as well. I just ate tried to squash the feelings with food. By the good grace of things, I had helped a friend move in the morning so I has moved a fair bit by the time this eating began.

I weighed in today.

Highest weight 101
Last weeks weight 99.4
Todays weight 98.6
Loss 800 grams.. Ill take that and move one.

I need to just keep focused.

I have also stopped having protein shakes for breakfast and have gone back to burcher musli.
I think all the protein may have been a bit much and I wonder if it is why I have these huge waves of being SO tired.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Job Situation

I have a permanent job as of the 28th of January, SOO stoked I can finally settle into my life here and stop worrying about it. I have relaxed a lot. I will be teaching year 2's at this stage, looking forward to it. Should be a hoot.

I am thinking the not stressing is helping with the weight loss. As the only huge stressor I now have is the house and the waiting for it to be finished, which is a huge head spanner as I really desperately need my own home and space. But I can hang in there for another 10 odd weeks. 6 weeks of that is holidays and 2 weeks left of work. So thats 8 weeks of time to go by. and then the school term starts, so it should hopefully be ready by the end of week 2 of the term. But in reality it may possibly be week 3 or even 4. But with the beginning of school is a really busy time so hopefully it will fly past.

Weight wise.. I am loving watching the scales creep downwards. I am wanting to get as close to the 95 mark as I can by xmas. So getting there slowly.

I have a few hurdles this weekend, we have dinner at friends tonight and BBQ on saturday night as well as the general not over eating at cricket, which I struggle with at times. But I can take carrots and things to get me through. Carrots and strawberries and a salad for lunch. I know if I run its not as hard but its still a bit of a mission for me. Then Sunday morning we are helping a friend move. In there I need to run and do a strength session as well. I feel stronger and thats awesome I can also feel my muscles in my lower stomach and hip areas. Apparently eventually I will be able to feel the difference in my body when I run. Looking forward to smashing a 5 km solid run as soon as I am allowed to do it.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Things are going well

My weight is going down.. slowly but its going down.

I have exercised for 7 days in a row, stoked about that !

I am now running 4 times a week and strength training three times a week. My physio is pleased with the progress my leg is making and I am working back up to running for a 30 mins solid. Currently doing interval training.

I am feeling smaller and leaner weird how the brain kind gets a hold of things and runs with it.

Not long till work stops for me, I am honestly looking forward to it, having a break and getting my head around what next year brings and the things I need to do..