Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I am now quiet focused on me.. my exercise is defiantly not where I want it.. but my eating is. If I can manage a week like I have just had and still lose weight I m a happy camper.

I will weigh in tomorrow morning. I had a good loss at ww.. but my blog weight is my thursday morning weigh in at home.

My run today was CRAP!! Really crap.. it hurt I had to push but I got it done. I even ran up some of the nasty bloody hill!!

10 weeks 3 days till the wedding.. to me thats 10 kgs if I can make it.. I can not wait to crack 105, and then out of the 100's for good..

Someone asked me how I will handle that being / getting pregnant and my weight. My answer is I will do my best. As I am aware I gain weight really quickly I know I will need to exercise and watch what I eat during this time. I also know.. right now.. no point even thinking about it.

I am in love with COLD water atm.. it has to be cold cold.. not freezing but that really nice fridge cold.

Tomorrow is walk and weight day and then weights. This is about me.. going to try on some of my clothes this weekend.. I have a pair of size 16 Doosh pants that I couldn't get over my fat thighs.. heres hoping..!!

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